How Does Hematix™ Work ?

Hematix™ works by a combination of effects from the ingredients:

  • Hematix™ helps to reduce the pain and inflammation of the bruise, while cooling the Bruise.
  • The glycerol then forms a barrier and aids the penetration of the water into the affected area.
  • The water then helps in the dispersal of the blood that has leaked by increasing the flow of fluid through the area.
  • When used early, by forming a barrier on the skin, it will help the bodies natural processes for Bruise Prevention.

How To Use Hematix™ ?

Post Procedure:
After an operation or facial injection, immediately rub Hametix™ into the affected area. For best results, apply 3-4 times a day for the first 3 days. Thereafter, apply twice a day for seven days.

For Existing Bruises:
For best results, apply Hematix Gel twice daily where the Bruise has formed. Keep applying until the Bruise is no longer visible. This should reduce both the appearance and severity of the bruise more quickly.

Choosing a product to treat your bruise is important and BruiseMD™ is a safe, effective and clinically proven product you can rely on.

Hematix™ is a specific formulation containing glycerol which:

hydrates tissue and prevents the bruise forming
hydrates skin cells which masks the bruise on the skin surfacetion.


Normal Bruising

Bruise Repair Formula