About Hematix™

About Hematix™

About Hematix™

HEMATIX™ is intended to be used for the following

What is Hematix™ ?

Hematix™ is a unique formulation using ingredients that are tried and tested for the treatment of Bruises. It uses a combination of glycerol and water which over many years has proven to have beneficial improvements in many skin conditions, including bruising.

Glycerol has been found to penetrate the cell walls in skin and will therefore take the water into the tissue where the bruise is starting to form or has developed.  Also some creams containing glycerol have been shown to prevent bruises as well as treat existing bruises.

Hematix™ Intended Use

Hematix™ is intended to be used for the prevention and treatment of bruise caused by the following

Choosing a product to treat your bruise is important and BruiseMD™ is a safe, effective and clinically proven product you can rely on.

Who should use Hematix™ ?

Hematix™ uses safe ingredients that can be used with anyone that has a Bruise or is looking to prevent a Bruise. Both Children and the Elderly can use Hematix™.

Application of Hematix™

Hematix™ should be applied to the effected area and gently rubbed into the area. Hematix™ will form a barrier on the skin and will dry after a couple of minutes. Once dry, Cosmetics or Sun Screen can be applied.

Post Procedure:
Apply a generous amount of Hematix™ Gel immediately after your procedure or effected area that is likely to Bruise. Lightly massage into the skin until absorbed. For maximum results apply 3-4 times a day for the first 3 days and thereafter twice a day for seven days.

Treatment of current Bruises:
Apply a generous amount of Hematix™ Gel twice daily where the Bruise has formed. Keep applying until the Bruise is no longer visible.

Tips to treat Bruising

To treat and prevent bruises the following steps can be used as well as treating the area with Hematix™:

1- Avoid massage, but try and cool the effected area.
2- Elevate the area where the Bruise is forming if possible.
3- Avoid medications that may thin the blood like NSAID’s.
4- Avoid alcohol.